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Chrsitmas Holiday Closure Schedule
is now posted!

132 models of linear actuators
all under $100!

Our new
P16 series
is now in stock!

Students: Ask about our
Educational Discounts!

Have a passion for RC?

We now have 18 models of linear servos
to power your RC project!

Check out our new shipping rates!
Shipping rates to most destinations
have gone down significantly!

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RC Linear Servos PQ12 Linear Actuators L12 Linear Actuators & Servos
Plug 'n play RC linear servos.
Our standard range of small actuators.
Our standard range of small actuators.
L16 Linear Actuators & Servos LEGO® Compatible Actuators Controllers & Switches
Slightly larger and more powerful actuators.
For the kid in all of us.
Options to help you drive your actuators.
P16 Linear Actuators Cables, Power Supplies and Accessories Larger Actuators

Our newest lineup is in stock now!
Extras that make it easy to wire them up..
Larger Actuators with strokes over 6" and Forces over 40lbs.
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